Shopping Malls : Generally dedicated to international and Chinese brands already well known. A fix leasing cost calculated on the daily price*sqm is required plus a management fee. Is the ideal solution for brands with a consolidated image.

Outlet: During the last three years over 20 outlet grow around the country . Based on the model of US-style outlet have the advantage of commercial space at low cost or in some cases even paying just a commission on sales.

Department Store: It 's the best solution' simple and inexpensive because it does not require a lease payment but rather a commission on sales. The sales are made through a centralized cash.

Street POS: In contrast to what happens in Europe, the POS along the street road street has a much less appeal. Spaces with commercial value are also very limited.

Showroom: For companies needing more extensive commercial areas we have the chance to find dedicated space with budget leasing cost.